eLua version history

The table below presents the history of all official eLua releases (in reversed order, newest to oldest).

Version Release date Description
0.7 ??.??.20??
  • Added the Lua EGC (Emergency Garbage Collection) patch
  • Added generic and portable SD/MMC Card FAT File System support
  • Added LuaRPC support. Remote procedure calls in the embedded world
  • New eLua shell cat/type command, lists text file contents
  • Added support for Olimex STR-E912 board, ST Electronics STR912FW44X MCU
  • Added support for the PUC-Rio eLua board, NXP LPC2468 MCU
  • More portuguese content translations
  • ADC module and doc enhancements
0.6 06.10.2009
  • License changed to MIT
  • Web page and documentation completely redesigned
  • Documentation available offline
  • Added support for AVR32 CPUs
  • Added support for STM32 Cortex-M3 CPUs
  • Added support for LM3S9Bxx Cortex-M2 CPUs
  • Added ADC module with support for moving average filters
  • Added support for multiple toolchains
  • Added an ls (or dir) shell command
  • Added new examples: pong, tetrives, spaceship (games), logo (graphics), adcpoll, adcscope (ADC operations)
  • Added the LTR (Lua Tiny RAM) patch
  • ROM FS content can be specified per board now
  • API semantic revisions (old code might not be compatible)
0.5 01.11.2008
  • Added support for STR7 CPUs from ST
  • Added TCP/IP support using the uIP stack
  • Added support for console and shell over TCP/IP besides the previous serial link
  • Added the "net" module (eLua's interface to TCP/IP functions)
  • Added the "cpu" module (eLua's interface to the target CPU)
  • New samples: morse.lua (Morse code encoder), lhttpd.lua (Lua scripting HTTP server)
  • Added support for cross-compiling Lua code (compile on PC, run on target)
  • XMODEM can now receive Lua bytecode in addition to Lua source code
  • The XMODEM buffer is now dynamic (grows as needed) instead of fixed size
  • Project documentation updated
0.4.1 10.09.2008
  • changed from Lua version 5.1.3 to Lua version 5.1.4
  • Changed the file system structure; now you can build both Lua versions (floating point and int only) from the same directory
  • Made the math library configurable using the existent 'platform libraries' mechanism
  • The "os" and "package" modules are no longer loaded by Lua, since they can't be used anyway. Because of this, the code size of eLua was reduced.
  • Project documentation updated
0.4 02.09.2008
  • Added support for LPC2888 (preliminary)
  • Added PWM module
  • New samples: TV-B-Gone (power off your TV), piano (play piano from your PC keyboard), pwmled (fade led on/off), all based on the new PWM module
  • Added support for multiple memory spaces (this can be used to take advantage of both the internal CPU RAM and external RAM chips on boards that have external RAM)
  • Autorun: if "autorun.lua" is found in the filesystem, it is executed before starting the shell
  • Added "pack" (binary data packing/unpacking) and "bit" (binary operations) modules
  • Build system updated, easier to use, now it knows how to handle "boards" as well as CPUs
  • Modified the existing platform modules to take less RAM and to report an error when an unavailable resource is requested
  • Project documentation updated
0.3 09.08.2008
  • Now you can play hangman directly from eLua :), thanks to the new "term" module that handles ANSI escape sequences
  • Added support for ST STR912FAW44
  • Added support for Cortex LM3S6965
  • More intuitive and flexible build system (new syntax, component selection at build time)
  • eLua examples are now part of the repository
  • Project documentation updated
0.2 27.08.2008
  • Added support for Cortex LM3S8962
  • New platform modules (UART, SPI, Timer, platform data)
  • First release of the shell
  • Lua source files can now be sent to target with XMODEM
  • You can download binary file images from the "files" section, so you don't need to compile eLua yourself
0.1 11.08.2008
  • Initial release, had support for i386 and AT91SAM7X platform