Installing eLua on the STR7 CPU family from ST

STR7 is a family of ATM7TDMI based CPUs from ST. They are small, low power MCUs, with a well balanced set of on-chip peripherals. I'm using the MOD711 header board from ScTec. The board is based on this STR711FR2 variant of the STR7 family. Since this is not a full-fledged development board, I had to add a few things around it: a MAX3232 RS232 to TTL converter for the serial interface, a couple of LEDs and a reset button. After that, the board was ready for some eLua :)


Before you'll be able to use eLua on the STR711FR2 CPU, make sure that:

Burning eLua to the MOD711 board

You need OpenOCD to do this. Just follow the instructions from my OpenOCD tutorial . On the tutorial page you'll also find links to the OpenOCD configuration files that I'm using for burning eLua to the MOD711 board. And that's it! eLua is now programmed in the CPU, so you can start your terminal emulator and enjoy it, as described in using eLua.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for this board you need to set your COM port speed to 38400 baud (as opposed to 115200 baud for the other boards). All the other parameters are the same (8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit).