Downloading eLua

You have a few options for downloading eLua:

  • download a binary eLua image for the platform of your choice. Binary images are provided with each official release. This is generally the best option if you have a board that’s officially supported by eLua (see here for details) and you want to have eLua up and running on your board as quickly as possible.

  • download the source code to build eLua yourself. You can either download the source code of an official release or get the "bleeding edge" version from the Git repository. Download the source code instead of a binary image if you need to make adjustments to the source code to support your board, or if you want to customize the eLua image, or if you simply want to take a look at what happens behind the eLua# prompt :)

Binary images

Pre-built images of eLua can be downloaded for each official release. Only the latest official eLua release is covered in this paragraph. If you want to download a pre-built image from an older release (although this isn’t generally advisable), check this page.

Choose the corresponding image file from the table below, flash it into your board, connect a serial terminal (or Ethernet if you board supports it) and enjoy eLua.

If you need a customized binary image for an already supported platform (for example with an autorun program, with some code of yours in the file system, with your LAN IP settings) and the instructions for building eLua didn’t work for you, feel free to ask for one in our discussion list explaining what you need. We may find some time to build one for you and eventually make it available here too. Alternatively you can try our web builder service that makes building an eLua image much easier.

Latest official release binaries

To understand what’s in a file name (for example elua_lualong_lm3s8962.bin) check our building eLua page.

Note Lua number type refers to the built Lua interpreter number type, float or integer, as explained in the building eLua page.

Source code

If all you want is to take a quick peek at eLua's source code, but you don’t need to download it, it’s probably enough to use the GitHub web interface. You can browse through the complete source of eLua using this method.
If you need to download the source code of eLua you can either:

  • download the source code archive of an official release

  • checkout the latest (bleeding edge) source code from the Git repository in read-only mode (anonymous) mode

  • checkout the latest (bleeding edge) source code from the Git repository in read-write mode (for developers)

Our sources were originally tracked using SVN and have moved to Git. For those familiar with SVN and not Git, the following crash course in Git for SVN users may prove useful.

Source code archives

Check the table below for the download link of the source code associated with the latest official release of eLua. If you want to get the source code of an older version check out this page.

Version Source code archive


eLua 0.8

Git public repository (anonymous read-only mode)

If you’d rather have the very last development ("bleeding edge") version, just check it out from our Git Repository:

$ git clone git://

Once checked out, the repository can be easily updated by the Git client command:

$ git pull

Git public repository (authenticated login r/w mode, for developers)

Follow the steps below if you need write access to the eLua repository:

  • if you don’t have an account on GitHub and you plan to contribute with code for the project, please create one.

  • set up Git for GitHub

  • contact us specifying your GitHub ID and we’ll give you write (commit) access to the Git repository.

Then checkout the repository:

$ git clone

Once checked out, the repository can be easily updated:

$ git pull