Mailing lists

Currently eLua currently has a single developers and users discussion list. You are very welcomed to subscribe and join us at


eLua doesn’t have a dedicated forum at this point. However, our developers and users discussion list is "mirrored" in a forum-like format at this address (using the services provided by Nabble).


#elua is the official IRC channel of eLua, it can be found on freenode. If you can’t use an IRC client (for example because your firewall blocks IRC ports) you can still try to access the IRC channel using the Web based client. The conversations on the IRC channel are logged and are available at
And since you’re on frenode, you might want to check the #lua channel as well (for discussions regarding the Lua language in general).


You can follow eLua news on our Twitter channel

eLua Wiki

eLua users maintain a wiki with projects, code examples, tutorials and media at


The authors of eLua would like to thank the collaborative help from the community for the continuous development of the project. Here’s an alphabetically ordered non-exhaustive list of contributors:

  • Fréderic Thomas - Previous site hosting, LM3S enhancements

  • Flavio Nogueira and Everson Denis - Doc translation to portuguese

  • James Snyder - ADC, CAN, LuaRPC (originaly by Russell Smith), sd/mmc, doc/site menu CSS, testing, planning

  • Jesus Alvarez - Initial SD/MMC support

  • joritzel (THC4k on freenode) for the web-based IRC logs.

  • Mauricio Bomfim - STR912 testing, new site and doc structure (future)

  • Mike Panetta - STM32 port

  • Pedro Bittencourt - RIT OLED display support, testing

  • Raul Nunes - The fundamental support from PUC-Rio.

  • Renaud Cerrato - Initial EVK1101 AVR32 port

  • Robert G. Jakabosky - for porting his excellent emergency garbage collector patch to eLua

  • Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique Figueiredo, Waldemar Celles - for Lua :)

  • Sergio Sorrenti and Martin Guy - AVR32 support, Mizar32 port, testing

  • Téo Benjamin, Ives Cunha, Rafael Barmak - Pong, TetrIves, SpaceShip games and Manfredo, a GPS guided robot, powered by eLua.

  • Vagner Nascimento and Carlos Eduardo Deodoro - eLua Web Builder

  • The eLua users community on our discussion list and eLua Wiki

... and the constant help and support from:

Alberto Fabiano, André Carregal, Dean Hall, Diego Sueiro, Eduardo von Ristow, Fabien Fleutot, Fernando Araujo, Guilherme Sanchez Pacheco, John Hind, Luiz de Barros, Marcelo Politzer, Marcelo Tílio, Marco Meggiolaro, Owen Woollaston, Paul Verbeke, Ralph Hempel, Thiago Naves, …


We would like to thank the following donations for the development of the project. If you feel like contributing with any kind of donation, you can contact us in our Discussion List or the authors privately