Downloading eLua Old Versions

The tables below have links to the previous official versions of eLua (both source code and binaries).


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.7 LM3S8962 EK-LM3S8962 double elua0.7_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.7 LM3S6965 EK-LM3S6965 double elua0.7_lua_lm3s6965.bin
0.7 LM3S6918 Micromint Eagle 100 double elua0.7_lua_lm3s918.bin
0.7 LM3S9B92 EK-LM3S9B92 double elua0.7_lua_lm3s9b92.bin
0.7 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.7_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.7 AT91SAM7X512 None double elua0.7_lua_at91sam7x512.bin
0.7 AT32UC3A0512 ATEVK1100 double elua0.7_lua_at32uc3a0512.hex
0.7 LPC2888 LPC-H2888 double elua0.7_lua_lpc2888.bin
0.7 LPC2468 PUC-Rio eLua board double elua0.7_lua_lpc2468.hex
0.7 STR711FR2 MOD711 double elua0.7_lua_str711fr2.bin
0.7 STR912FAW44 STR-E912 double elua0.7_lua_str912faw44.bin
0.7 STM32F103RE ET-STM32 Stamp double elua0.7_lua_stm32f103re.bin
0.7 STM32F103ZE STM3210E-EVAL double elua0.7_lua_stm32f103ze.bin
0.7 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.7_lua_i386.elf


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.6 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua0.6.tgz
0.6 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.6_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.6 AT91SAM7X512 None double elua0.6_lua_at91sam7x512.bin
0.6 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.6_lua_i386.elf
0.6 LM3S6965 EKx-LM3S6965 double elua0.6_lua_lm3s6965.bin
0.6 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 double elua0.6_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.6 LPC2888 LPC-H2888 double elua0.6_lua_lpc2888.bin
0.6 STR711FR2 MOD711 double elua0.6_lua_str711fr2.bin
0.6 STR912FAW44 STR9-comStick double elua0.6_lua_str912fw44.bin
0.6 LM3S6918 Micromint Eagle 100 double elua0.6_lua_lm3s918.bin
0.6 AT32UC3A0512 ATEVK1100 double elua0.6_lua_at32uc3a0512.hex
0.6 STM32F103RE ET-STM32 Stamp double elua0.6_lua_stm32f103re.bin
0.6 STM32F103ZE STM3210E-EVAL double elua0.6_lua_stm32f103ze.bin


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.5 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua-0.5.tgz
0.5 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.5_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.5 AT91SAM7X512 None double elua0.5_lua_at91sam7x512.bin
0.5 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.5_lua_i386.elf
0.5 LM3S6965 EKx-LM3S6965 double elua0.5.lua_lm3s6965.bin
0.5 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 double elua0.5_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.5 LPC2888 LPC-H2888 double elua0.5_lua_lpc2888.bin
0.5 STR711FR2 MOD711 double elua0.5_lua_str711fr2.bin
0.5 STR912FAW44 STR9-comStick double elua0.5_lua_str912fw44.bin


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.4.1 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua-0.4.1.tgz


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.4 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua_0.4.tgz
0.4 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.4_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.4 AT91SAM7X512 None double elua0.4_lua_at91sam7x512.bin
0.4 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.4_lua_i386.elf
0.4 LM3S6965 EKx-LM3S6965 double elua0.4_lua_lm3s6965.bin
0.4 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 double elua0.4_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.4 LPC2888 LPC-H2888 double elua0.4_lua_lpc2888.bin
0.4 STR912FAW44 STR9-comStick double elua0.4_lua_str912fw44.bin
0.4 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_at91sam7x256.bin
0.4 AT91SAM7X512 None integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_at91sam7x512.bin
0.4 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_i386.elf
0.4 LM3S6965 EKx-LM3S6965 integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_lm3s6965.bin
0.4 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_lm3s8962.bin
0.4 LPC2888 LPC-H2888 integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_lpc2888.bin
0.4 STR912FAW44 STR9-comStick integer (32-bit) elua0.4_lualong_str912fw44.bin


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.3 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua_0.3.tgz
0.3 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.3_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.3 AT91SAM7X512 None double elua0.3_lua_at91sam7x512.bin
0.3 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.3_lua_i386.elf
0.3 LM3S6965 EKx-LM3S6965 double elua0.3_lua_lm3s6965.bin
0.3 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 double elua0.3_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.3 STR912FAW44 STR9-comStick double elua0.3_lua_str912fw44.bin


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.2 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua_0.2.tar.gz
0.2 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 double elua0.2_lua_at91sam7x256.bin
0.2 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators double elua0.2_lua_i386.elf
0.2 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 double elua0.2_lua_lm3s8962.bin
0.2 AT91SAM7X256 SAM7-EX256 integer (32-bit) elua0.2_lualong_at91sam7x256.bin
0.2 i386 (generic) PCs/emulators integer (32-bit) elua0.2_lualong_i386.elf
0.2 LM3S8962 EKx-LM3S8962 integer (32-bit) elua0.2_lualong_lm3s8962.bin


Version MCU Board Lua number type Image file
0.1 All (source code) All (source code) All (source code) elua_0.1.tar.gz