Using eLua with Intel i386 (or better) CPUs

Since the i386 platform was implemented as a proof of concept only, the only things you can do with it are:

If you want to do this, build your eLua image or download a precompiled image, as explained in the download page.

However, most of the features that you'd find on an embedded platform won't work. You won't be able to upload programs to your i386 eLua box using the XMODEM protocol (not because it's impossible, but simply because this doesn't make sense at all on a desktop PC). Also, you won't be able to control the peripherals that you'd normally find in an embedded CPU (SPI, I2C, PIO and all the others), because they are not present on the i386 platform (they can be emulated via different means, but this is way beyond the scope of eLua). So, until further notice, i386 will be nothing more than a spectacular demo platform for eLua. If you think that you can make something more out of it, please feel free to contact us. I'm actually very interested in this, but I lack the necessary resources to continue it.