eLua reference manual - elua module


This module is an interface to the core system and services of eLua. Some functions from this module can change the runtime behaviour of eLua, which in turn can lead to instability or unexpected program behaviour. Use this module with care.


elua.egc_setup( mode, [memlimit] )

Change the emergency garbage collector operation mode and memory limit (see here for details).


  • mode - the EGC operation mode. Can be either elua.EGC_NOT_ACTIVE, elua.EGC_ON_ALLOC_FAILURE, elua.EGC_ON_MEM_LIMIT, elua.EGC_ALWAYS or a combination between the last 3 modes in this list (they can be combined both with bitwise OR operations, using the bit module, or simply by adding them).
  • memlimit - required only when elua.EGC_ON_MEM_LIMIT is specified in mode, specifies the EGC upper memory limit.

Returns: nothing.

elua.save_history( filename )

Save the interpreter line history. Only available if linenoise is enabled, check here for details.

Arguments: filename - the name of the file where the history will be saved. CAUTION: the file will be overwritten.

Returns: nothing.

version = elua.version()

Returns the current eLua version as a string

Arguments: none.

Returns: the eLua version currently running.