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"Very early on in the development of Lua we started using the question 'But will it work in a microwave oven?' as a half-serious test for including features while avoiding bloat. I'm glad to see that the eLua project promises to deliver Lua to small devices that can make a difference."

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Lua Team member

"eLua takes a rock-solid VM and fits it in a small space. It lets you program microcontrollers with an easy-to-learn, high-level language. I see this programming model and the eLua project itself really gaining momentum"

Dean Hall, embedded systems developer

"eLua makes the complex world of 32-bit processors easy and affordable for all. Thanks for your great work guys"

Nuccio Raciti, Mizar32 project developer

"eLua is a great development platform for micro-controllers"

Tim Michals, Cygentron Inc.

In 1998, Cameron Laird predicted: "the imminent explosion of ubiquitous
  embedded processing (computers in your car, in your plumbing, and in your kitchen appliances) can only work in favor of Lua." eLua is a great help in spreading Lua to these devices.

Roberto Ierusalimschy, Lua chief architect

"Small, simple and powerful this eLua planet"

Diego Sueiro, Portal Embarcados

"eLua project is growing well, with lot of gems and soon nice fruits"

Sergio Sorrenti, Simple Machines Italy and Mizar32 dev team.

"eLua is one of those bright ideas that get us excited to know better and even more to use in real world, being a good way to subverting C."

Alberto Fabiano, System Architect and C&C++ Brasil Group Staff

"As Horace Dediu says, a platform is a promise, and eLua offers a
quite nice one."

André Carregal, Kepler project architect

"This is a really wonderful project, not only for people engaged on the core dev but for newcomers that now have the pleasure to work with this innovative (and fun!) way to give life to electronic pieces. I'm specially interested on the remote procedure calls components of eLua, which allows boards to communicate using impressive and simple models, in the simplicity of Lua. "

Flavio Ribeiro, LINCS Labs