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eLua License

If you don't want to read long lines of lawyerish and all you need to know is if and how you can use eLua in your projects, here is a resume of what our license offers you:

  • eLua is Open Source and is freely distributed under the MIT license (the same as Lua).
  • You can freely use eLua or parts of it. No need to ask us for permissions.
  • You can use, modify and integrate our code into your products, including private, commercial and closed-software ones.
  • There are no fees or royalties to pay if you use eLua in your commercial products.
  • Although you have no obligation, please consider donating something in return, if we added value to your products or services. Donations (kits, money, equipment, ...) and contributions (code, doc, dev help, ...) are very welcome, as all our development is based on independent and distributed worldwide collaboration
  • You must mention that your project uses eLua in your documentation and licensing terms and you cannot modify this name without our permission
  • You are required to enjoy, have fun and, if possible, share your projects with the eLua community

To read the full text file of our license, included in our source code distributions, please click HERE.