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The authors of eLua would like to thank the collaborative help from the community for the continuous development of the project. Here’s an alphabetically ordered non-exhaustive list of contributors:

  • Aécio Pires - Wiki and Tracker templates

  • Fréderic Thomas - Previous site hosting, LM3S enhancements

  • James Snyder - ADC, CAN, LuaRPC (originaly by Russell Smith), sd/mmc, doc/site menu CSS, testing, planning

  • Jesus Alvarez - Initial SD/MMC support

  • joritzel (THC4k on freenode) for the web-based IRC logs.

  • Mauricio Bomfim - new site infra-structure

  • Mike Panetta - STM32 port

  • Pedro Bittencourt - RIT OLED display support, testing

  • Raul Nunes - The fundamental support from PUC-Rio.

  • Renaud Cerrato - Initial EVK1101 port

  • Robert Jakabosky - for porting his excellent emergency garbage collector patch to eLua

  • Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique Figueiredo, Waldemar Celles - for Lua !

  • SimpleMachines.it - AVR32 support, Mizar32 port, testing

  • Téo Benjamin, Ives Cunha, Rafael Barmak - Pong, TetrIves, SpaceShip games and Manfredo, a GPS guided robot, powered by eLua.

  • Tim Michals - Extended UART buffering support

  • Vagner Nascimento, Carlos Eduardo Deodoro - eLua Web Builder, new site templates and doc scripts

  • The eLua users community on our discussion list and the eLua Wiki

... and the constant help and support from:

Alberto Fabiano, André Carregal, Dean Hall, Diego Sueiro, Fabien Fleutot, John Hind, Marcelo Politzer, Marcelo Tílio, Marco Meggiolaro, Mauricio Bomfim, Matt Wilbur, Mike King, Owen Woollaston, Paul Verbeke, Ralph Hempel, Thiago Naves, …