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eLua is a joint project of

  • Bogdan Marinescu, a software developer from Bucharest, Romania
  • Dado Sutter, head of the Led Lab at PUC-Rio University, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Its origins come from the ReVaLuaTe project, also developed by Bogdan Marinescu (as a contest entry for the 2005 Renesas M16C Design Contest), and the Volta Project, managed by Dado Sutter at PUC-Rio from 2005 to 2007.

eLua is developed in a fully open, distributed and worldwide collaborative model.
An ever-growing list of collaborators, from all over the planet, which are also authors of some modules and features, can be found in our Credits Page.

Origins of eLua
eLuaTerminal Volta Small
ReVaLuaTe Project Volta Project