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eLua has a wide and varied audience, starting from newcomers to the embedded world who want an easy and powerful environment for prototyping, rapid application development and quick production, and ranging towards highly skilled developers that want to extend their programs with the high-level Lua libraries and portable features.

allows embedded-oriented programmers to use the simplicity and power of the Lua programming language and to hide the low-level complexities and platform/architecture-dependent features. With eLua, the programmer can focus on the actual implementation of his program, not having to worry about accessing the low-level peripheral configuration and data registers, as the platform libraries already take care of this. This increases productivity and eliminates the often frustrating task of dealing with platform-specific drivers.

The list below summarizes eLua's target audience:

  • Embedded developers that are looking for a fast, easy to use and powerful way of coding.

  • First-time embedded programmers (or simply first time programmers) who are looking for an easy way to "dive" into the embedded programming world. eLua is a great learning tool.

  • People that aren’t really developers, but still want to be able to prototype an embedded system fast and painless, without having to learn C for that. Embedded developers who need powerful meta-language mechanisms for complex code algorithms and data description.

  • Field engineers that can go to their customer site and debug an eLua module on site, without any preparation at all, since the whole development environment resides on chip already.

  • Final clients and decision makers, who benefits from the fact that eLua portability transforms hardware into comodities. In systems using eLua, replacing field sensor and actuator controllers by diferent models, brands and architectures have no impact on the main application software.