New eLua website now official

Published August 02, 2011 03:55

We are glad to announce that the new site structure and "look" has become the official eLua project web site.

The old site will still be available at We'll add a link to it on the new site soon too.
The temporary URI will soon be "deactivated" (at least until we have a reason to upgrade to a new site again :)
The main/top menu of (almost) all our current services were integrated, so users can easily navigate among the main site, the wiki, the web builder, the tracker and the code repo. If anyone knows how to integrate a custom menu to the code repo site @Github, any help will be appreciated.
We count on the community for revisions, refinements, fixes and suggestions in general. There is still a lot of work to do (and somehow this only seems to grow) but we hope the new tools and general structure will make it easier for all of us.

The new site is the result of a collaborative effort. The following is an incomplete list of contributors, as in fact everyone of you helped with loose comments on the list or privately in other topics too.
We are very thankful to all of you and we hope this will move us some steps ahead.

  • The new site structure was initially proposed with Mauricio Bomfim and Vagner Nascimento and later refined with the help from and brainstorming with Thiago Naves. Marcelo Politzer, Stéphane Beaurin and Aécio Pires..
  • The RefineryCMS installation (@Heroku) and configuration, as well as the Ruby scripts for some services (Quotes, News, Paypal integration and others....) were done by Vagner Nascimento and Mauricio Bomfim.
  • The main site art was produced by Vagner Nascimento and a professional Web Designer, Diego Jovanholi, sponsored by Raul Nunes (from PUC-Rio but at his own expenses).
  • The templates to reproduce the main new art for the Tracker (Redmine) and for the Wiki (MoinMoin) were created, programmed and installed by Aecio Pires.
  • The templates to reproduce the main art for the Web Builder were done by Vagner Nascimento and Carlos Eduardo Deodoro.
  • The refactoring of the doc building Lua scripts were done with Vagner Nascimento and Guilherme Pacheco.
  • The VMs, general hosting and backup infra-structure (currently @RDC PUC-Rio but soon to be moved elsewhere) were installed and are maintained by Ricardo Rosa.
  • In all of the steps above, we had a lot of help and support from James Snyder and Bogdan Marinescu.

Thank you very much for all the help and a special thanks for those mentioned above. We wish we could do more and faster and maybe one day this will be possible.

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