eLua v0.8 released

Published February 02, 2011 00:26

We are proud to annunce the release of eLua v0.8. This is the changelog:

Added the RFS (Remote File System), a new file system which allows sharing a directory on the PC with the eLua board.

Added a serial multiplexer which allows using more virtual serial ports over a single physical UART connection.

Added Lua and C interrupt handlers support, see here for more details.

Added linenoise support (eLua and Lua shell command line history and navigation, more details here).

Added generic I2C support and docs

Added hardware flow control and runtime configurable buffers for UARTs.

Added support for new boards: mbed, ATEVK1101, Mizar32, EK-LM3S1968

Added SPI and SD/MMC support for EVK1100 and EVK1101 (AVR32)

Added I2C support for STR-E912 (STR912)

Added support for require() and autorun from SD/MMC

Added external memory support for STR912

Added long filename support for SD/MMC

Added RTC (real time clock) platform specific support for str9 (see the documentation of the str9.rtc module).

Added support for AsciiDoc in the documentation system

Tutorials and new projects added to the eLua Wiki

Demo files were moved out of the distro to http://wiki.eluaproject.net/Projects

Added a media page with eLua related media on the project site

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