eLua 0.9 released

Published April 07, 2013 18:17

After a long time, there is a new offical release of eLua (0.9). A lot has changed since the previous version, the most important changes are listed below:

  • New feature: system timer (micro-second accurate timer on all platforms)
  • New feature: WOFS (write-once file system), a writeable file system that uses the internal MCU Flash memory as storage
  • New feature: advanced shell (more shell commands, file masks)
  • New feature: support for multiple SD cards
  • New memory optimizations: pseudo read-only strings in Lua, reading Lua bytecode directly from Flash, NaN packing for Lua TValues
  • Directory support in file systems (currently MMCFS only)
  • Support for various new CPUs and boards
  • Direct USB CDC support on some platforms
  • New 64-bit integer-only compilation mode (lualonglong)
  • New interrupts and Various interrupt support code on different platforms
  • 'recv' is now able to save files too, not only execute them
  • Various fixes and performance improvements in the serial multiplexer code
  • Bug fixes on all platforms
  • RPC fixes and improvements
  • The shell commands are now callable from the 'elua' module

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