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There are many ways you can become involved with the project.

Here is a list of the collaborative services and tools we offer for the users and developers community.

Forums & Discussion List

Our mailing discussion list is available in a forum-like format hosted by Nabble. You can subscribe to this list using this form.

The previous BerliOS lists are no longer online.


eLua users share their projects, experiences, tutorials and ideas on an online wiki at wiki.eluaproject.net.

Issue Tracker

The eLua project uses GitHub's issue tracker. It allows users to report bugs, ask for new features, suggest modifications, comment on ongoing work and follow closely the work of the developers. It is a free online service and you are welcomed to use it at github.com/elua/elua/issues


You can follow us on twitter @eluaproject

IRC Channel

#elua is the official IRC channel of eLua and it can be found on freenode.
If you can’t use an IRC client (for example because your firewall blocks IRC ports) you can still try to access the IRC channel using the Web based client. The conversations on the IRC channel are logged and history is available at http://irclogs.ls-themes.org/freenode/elua/logs.
And since you’re on freenode, you might want to check the #lua channel as well (for discussions regarding the Lua language in general).

User Groups

Get in touch with other eLua users in your area. A growing list of eLua user groups, their locations and contact information is maintained in a page on the eLua Wiki.